Give more of your life to this listening,
As brightness is to time, so you are to the one
who talks to the deep ear in your chest. - Rumi

Two White Feathers

Experience your story more fully through our herb walks, foraging and pilgrimage...


All our short walks, one-to-one personal coaching and pilgrimages, courses and project work are designed for the modern person to access their living heritage. They access intuition and the felt sense to help you experience the potential fullness of any situation.

To walk along ancient routes and mark seasonal changes awakens our ancestral memory and the stories of these lands. The old oral tradition folk tales are attuned to the landscape, and not thought to reside inside of us or in our unconscious, but to connect us to our ancestors. They are place specific and hold local information about how to survive and live life well. The consciousness or frequency of these stories is encoded into the landscape - megalithic constructions, stone circles, holy wells, sacred groves and medieval abbeys - and manifested through us, when we are feeling connected.


The Two White Feathers blog will take you on a series of journeys. The first, is through the seven ch'amas of South and Central America. In this series you learn what seven different earth locations teach. In the second series you can travel around the eight pagan festivals with us. This will help you understand how to celebrate the festivals and bring different energies into your life. The last series, written for the book Summerlands, is based on a pilgrimage around the Glastonbury Zodiac. Somerset is renowned for its sacred landscape and closely identified with the Vale of Avalon of Arthurian fame. Each will challenge your beliefs!

  • I looked at the herbs hanging drying in my kitchen and thyme fell into my hand. I recalled the shaman Apu Caesar pointing it out to me to chew on to help with the affects of high altitude leading to a shortage of oxygen during a visit to Peru I crushed a fat sprig of the tiny shrivelled up leaves and poured on some boiling water. After about 15 minutes it had had enough time to steep and was cool enough to drink. The relief this brought to my raw throat was instant and the coughing fits stopped.

  • During the day these two sages pulled back the veil and introduced me to a mystical other world that was living and breathing, alongside ours. It was as if some part of me took flight and went head long into the mysteries. I began to understand for issues like a heart break a pilgrimage to Leo was beneficial whilst money troubles can be alleviated by a visit to Taurus.

  • Park Wood - the centre of everything

    We shortly reached an unusual grove of three yew trees. Directly in the centre is an oak tree that stands tall and straight, seeming to gather the energy of the surroundings yews and direct it above and below in a powerful vortex. After offering herbs to each of the trees, I nestled in to one of the wrinkly yews and instantly became acutely aware of the discomfort in my stomach.

  • Sagittarius - re-wilding workshop

    We’re with the herd now. We’re encouraged to follow our intuition, to go up to them if we want or just observe and let them come to us. I want them to come to me. I want attention and to be liked. After some while a small bay coloured scruffy looking pony comes up and bites my skirt pulling it upward. I’m reminded of a time when I’m about eight.

  • Born right on the cusp on Libra and Scorpio I was excited to tour the points of Libra, also known as the Dove, on the Glastonbury Zodiac.

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The Two White Feathers trilogy chronicles a woman's endeavours towards personal growth over a five-year period. Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks, Enchanted Beings and finally Summerlands describe the stages in her spiritual journey – from a disconnect with the world to a growing awareness and sense of awakening and, finally, a heightened perception about our shared reality.

From concentrating purely on her self she comes to an acknowledgement of her teachers and a connection with the wider community. The books are written, respectively, as a travel-log, a series of interviews and a non-fiction narrative based on oral legend and recorded history.

Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks
Step one - the 'I'. An account of a woman's travels through the seven ch'amas of South and Central America accompanied by Apu Runa, a Peruvian shaman. [Learn More]
Enchanted Beings
Step two - the 'We'. A woman's record of one cycle of the pagan wheel of the year as seen through the eyes of eight practitioners based in the South West of England. [Learn More]
Summerlands (forthcoming)
Step three - the 'Others'. A magical journey within the Somerset landscape travelling through each of the twelve giant effigies known as the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Two White Feathers

“As I looked on in amazement, one of the shamans knelt down in the stony river-bed, hands spread upwards to the Gods. Their energies combined. Apu lifted his Master’s treasured sun disc from around his neck and offered it to Hetsua. The sunny skies parted and hail stones fell to the ground.”

Jenny Chapman's remarkable book, Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks takes you on a mystical journey from Argentina to Mexico to activate the feminine energy centres of Pachamama (Mother Earth). For months she travels with a Peruvian shaman, exploring his life, healing techniques and heart-based ways of living en route.

As she benefits from Apu's energy medicine techniques Jenny begins to understand how to heal herself and others. Important secrets are revealed on their visits to Aconcagua, the seat of Kundalini energy, the sacred waters of Lake Titicaca, Qosqo where once Sapa Incas could heal with one touch and at Chavin de Huantar, the heart ch’ama. Their travels take them to the higher chakra realms of Putumayo, Colombia and Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan in Mexico where Apu's mastery becomes even more revealing.

Enchanted Beings

"These practitioners were a mirror to me during the year'... 'Each taught me a way of expressing my true self. Equally the sky, land and creatures were my teachers. By seeing the land as a reflection of my own personal drama, it was possible to see my predicaments embodied in my surroundings."

In this, the second instalment in her Two White Feathers trilogy, practitioner Jenny Chapman takes us on a trip around the pagan wheel of the year, as eight contemporary practitioners reveal how key festival times - Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh and Mabon - connect with their practice. The resulting interviews are testament to an alternative way of viewing the world, and different ways of harnessing energy.

And what practitioners they are! 'A series of bards, hags, shrews, soothsayers, sorcerers, shamans and witches - call them what you will - came to my aid,' writes Jenny, and whether using horses with prisoners, forging power tools with a magical smith or seeking communion with the Yew tree, her interviewees prove both unique and linked in the open-mindedness and rigor of their approach.

About the Author

Jenny practiced as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor for thirty five years before embarking on a Shamanic path in 2012. Throughout her life she has travelled extensively, often working with indigenous cultures and people to better understand their healing, initiation and ceremonial techniques.

In Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks Jenny weaves together illuminating Inca stories with memories from her childhood and practical travel advice giving a compelling reason to visit these sacred sites. She talks with the knowledge of a professional tempered with a wisdom gained from serious illness as a small child.

Jenny ends Enchanted Beings with a description of her own journey through the year, and what her teachers have offered her by way of viewing the world afresh. She presents a fascinating view into a world most of us are content to let pass by, and a practical guide to how to access the ancient cycles which course through the shared land we inhabit.

Excerpts - Two White Feathers

"I loved Apu’s energy from the start. He was compassionate, kind and almost empty, invisible; but he could be blunt, verging on outright rude at times. In other words, he was my kind of person, telling it like it is. Or, as the Australians say, he called a spade a spade. ‘I will do whatever is necessary to get you to shift, learn and move on in life,’ he told me on the road and he was true to his word."

Excerpts - Enchanted Beings

The wheel forms the centre of shamanic cosmology. It can encompass many levels of meaning - natural events, myth, our journey from birth to death - and encourages a holistic world-view. Its integral energies, often seen as a process of endings and beginnings, can unlock different forces within us which in turn alter our perception.

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