You can be with us in a variety of ways. Simply come along with us on one of our walks do a little foraging and enjoy nature. Or you can join one of our spiritual walks where myths and legends are actively explored. Here, we help you create a new narrative in your life. We can work with you, out on the land on a one-to-one basis, to celebrate an event, longing or success or explore obstacles to your happiness and wellbeing. Alternatively you can ask us to help you get to the bottom of an interesting personal issue. If you represent a provider we are happy to undertake project work. We have described some examples below.

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Glastonbury Zodiac

We all have our unique story. The Glastonbury area has one of Arthurian knights, holy grails and roundtables. What does this all mean and how can it help you tap into your subconscious mind, the place of wisdom? Feel our myths and legends through your feet and by reading the symbols in nature and in our mystical landscape. Learn how to identify some common wild plants whilst you walk. Maybe pick nettles and cleavers then join us in a tasty, detoxifying pot of tea.

The mysteries of trees

Did you know that our woodland trees have myths and legends associated with them? A morning’s walk in the woods will be transformed with the story, myth or legend of familiar British trees. For example why was holy used to make chariots? Where does the name book come from? Come and learn their mysteries.


Personal coaching

Come to us with interesting problems that other professionals don't know what to do with. Our work together might include a mixture of traditional therapies and alternative ways of working. Perhaps you need dowsing, divination or journeying input to resolve a specific problem. Let us help you to manifest a new reality.


As in the tradition of our ancestors, pilgrimage is a walk undertaken as an act of devotion, with an objective of healing and transformation. En routei>, you can explore your own personal narrative whilst your guide helps you to undertake appropriate ceremony. Whilst, walking ancient pathways you will visit locations where the consciousness or frequency of your story is encoded into the landscape - megalithic constructions, stone circles, holy wells, sacred groves and medieval abbeys. Pilgrimages with us are a three to five day long immersion in nature.


The story of herbs

This day course will introduce you to the Doctrine of Signatures and correspondences used by cunning men and women and Renaissance magicians in their work with herbs. The stories and myths and legends associated with herbs will be explored and how our ancestors used them in magic and healing. This course will give you an understanding of herbs and hands-on experience of blending oils, creams and interesting potions.

Project Work


We offer a safe space for people who are lonely or who suffer from mild mental health issues, or in need of some kind of support for life changing events, to come with us into the world of nature. They can walk, meet others and if they like can talk, or simply enjoy nature. The walks will take place in local woods and sacred sites.

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