• I looked at the herbs hanging drying in my kitchen and thyme fell into my hand. I recalled the shaman Apu Caesar pointing it out to me to chew on to help with the affects of high altitude leading to a shortage of oxygen during a visit to Peru I crushed a fat sprig of the tiny shrivelled up leaves and poured on some boiling water. After about 15 minutes it had had enough time to steep and was cool enough to drink. The relief this brought to my raw throat was instant and the coughing fits stopped.

  • During the day these two sages pulled back the veil and introduced me to a mystical other world that was living and breathing, alongside ours. It was as if some part of me took flight and went head long into the mysteries. I began to understand for issues like a heart break a pilgrimage to Leo was beneficial whilst money troubles can be alleviated by a visit to Taurus.

  • Park Wood - the centre of everything

    We shortly reached an unusual grove of three yew trees. Directly in the centre is an oak tree that stands tall and straight, seeming to gather the energy of the surroundings yews and direct it above and below in a powerful vortex. After offering herbs to each of the trees, I nestled in to one of the wrinkly yews and instantly became acutely aware of the discomfort in my stomach.

  • Sagittarius - re-wilding workshop

    We’re with the herd now. We’re encouraged to follow our intuition, to go up to them if we want or just observe and let them come to us. I want them to come to me. I want attention and to be liked. After some while a small bay coloured scruffy looking pony comes up and bites my skirt pulling it upward. I’m reminded of a time when I’m about eight.

  • Born right on the cusp on Libra and Scorpio I was excited to tour the points of Libra, also known as the Dove, on the Glastonbury Zodiac.

  • Glastonbury Zodiac Series

    The fertile county of Somerset in SW England, which incorporates the mystical town of Glastonbury, is renowned for its sacred landscape; and closely identified with the Vale of Avalon of Arthurian fame. This Garden of Eden with its giant effigies carved into the landscape, preserves the knowledge of the Northern Hemisphere’s astronomers, and presents it to us visually in the shape of the hills and rivers. In this, the third series of my blogs, learn what benefits, a journey around Arthur’s Round Table of the inner and outer landscape, might hold for you?

  • This festival signifies destructive forces along with appropriate defence of ourselves and others to protect against threatening energies and situations. Sudden or catalysing change, like a bolt of lightning which breaks through obstacles and leads to an alteration in our methods, thinking and ways of being.

  • ‘Water, like the astral, is a transmitting agency or a mediating and conducting principle.’[1] The feminine, watery rune Laguz and ancient goddess Nerthus are associated with Beltane. Blessings followed Nerthus wherever she visited.

  • On 1st May, Celtic May Day or Beltane a sacred marriage takes place. The night of the Greenwood Marriage is a celebration of the coming together of the masculine and feminine creative energies. It is the first day of summer, a time for love and surrender and for joy and happiness.

  • The Blackthorn (Prunus spinose) The Mother of the Woods

    The Blackthorn is a deciduous plant, often seen used in hedgerows, but occasionally allowed to grow into a tree. It is noticeable in at this time year for its almost black branches, stems and considerable thorns, no leafs but studded all over with the potential of white flowers. It is most certainly for me the plant of the spring equinox.

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